Saturday, 21 January 2017

Stuff that's made me laugh this week.

Mostly this poem.
 Other things were watching Victoria Wood As seen on TV especially the sketches where Victoria and Julie Walters are in a queue in a cafe and they are pulling people to bits. Killer lines for Julie
" Can I just pass by I'm a diabetic." And to a lady reaching over for a cake , " I wouldn't, not with those hips."

There was also the documentary on the making of Acorn Antiques. So clever with the writing.... but the thing that gave me the MOST giggles was then watching a programme on BBC 2 - I think it's on the I player still, called This dancing town. It was set in Skipton and I wanted to watch it because I like to sit and say, ooooh I've been there etc. Basically a west end choreographer gets the whole town to come together and dance. A bit like Gareth Malone, but with dance, not a choir. I say 'dance' loosely. It was mostly consisting of him saying ' a 5,6,7 8  with a bit of sideways walking and clicking. Then we had some clapping. The cleaners with their dusters were awesome, especially the bit where one of them flicked another in the eye with a duster!  The voice over guy though was making it sound SO Victoria Wood spoof documentary. I was laughing my head off at it! The end result made the feel good factor apparent for those who took part but the camera kept cropping people's heads off!

The TV awards are coming up. Best inadvertent comedy of the year...should go to this programme!

Right, someone asked how I incorporated 'rock, paper, scissors, into PE.

1. Ensure class know RPS
2. Divide class in half. Call them A and B or names of your choice!!!
3. Send each half to their own designated 'safe area' to huddle and decide whether to be RPS
4. Bring both halves to centre but two steps back.
5. Teacher counts down 3, 2, 1...
6. On one, each half reveals what they are by shouting and showing.
7. Whoever wins ( eg if one group chose scissors and other chose paper )
8. On the moment of realisation the goal is for the winners to capture the losers before they get back to the safe zone. The captured then become part of that team.

The squeals of the losers is delightful!!! The roar of victory is infectious. After round one, the teacher only really needs to do the countdown because they are so eager to huddle and challenge!  I've yet to have a sore loser too! I think there is a version where you can be Witches, goblins and wizards where each beats one of the others, however I can never remember which from game to game so get it wrong! When the teams 'reveal' is the same, they genuinely laugh and go rehuddle! Great for team spirit and resilience.

Right, HMRC awaits. I've done the income. Now it's the delight of the receipts. I have them all, they are collated, I just need to calculate! However, I'm marooned in the lounge at the moment as Mr 19 is putting his new tent up in the dining room to make sure it's ok. He's going to Leeds festival in March where he will see my favourite band Muse, live for his first time. I'm a little bit envious. I'll just wait with a bit of telly and my sock loom!

Lots of love from

Rachel *accounts clerk* Radiostar xxx

Thursday, 19 January 2017

A Freddie story.

A Freddie story
Miss 22  was outside cleaning Lola ( her lovely English Old Spot rabbit ) out. She left  Freddie inside.
Next minute Freddie's got his nose in the hutch.
Miss 22 thought the door must not have clicked shut.
She took him back in.
She carried on with the rabbit.
Freddie out again...
Miss22 took him back in and watched through the little window.

Clever Freddie can jump up and put his paw on the handle and open the door!!
Miss 22 said
She wouldn't mind, but when he wants out for a wee
He just sits at the door and looks at it!!!!

School is busy busy busy. I covered on my second day back. One little cherub,caught running full pelt down the corridor, was asked why they were in such a hurry, said that they had to be quick because they were having. The. Best. P. E. Lesson. Ever! With great emphasis!
Ahem. Ladies and gentlemen,that was MY PE lesson! Ayethangyew.
( Said lesson involved 'rock, paper, scissors, chasing and screams and squeaks of delight! )
Lots of love from
Rachel *takes a bow* Radiostar xxx